Research pros: Factorfactory provides a platform and experts to quickly turn assessment models (or ideas) into working online assessments with surveys, scoring and reporting. With the platform, you also have access to (anonymous) data and a marketplace to promote and sell your tools.  In addition, you have the ability to network with other like-minded scholars and practitioners, or even create a branded personal web presence that promotes you, your research and assessment tools.

FactorFactory is an evolving cloud-based platform providing easy assessment publishing and communities of interest to support them.   Our patent pending technology can quickly convert research models or assessment ideas into useful, modern instruments that are easily maintained over time.  This supports thriving communities of interest, a revenue stream to pay for continuing research and much needed data to support more effective analysis.

  • Quickly create online assessments, including survey, scoring algorithm, report and norms.
  • Proven, scalable and secure cloud-based software solution.
  • Easily maintain fresh normative data with specific populations.
  • FactorFactory can assist in development of new assessments, documentation, manual and online marketing materials. 
  • Earn royalties on assessment sales to a worldwide audience.
  • Support for revenue sharing with consulting partners (e.g. train the trainer and certification programs).
  • Demographic and survey data available for analysis and improvement of models.
  • FactorFactory provides expertise in social media promotion, training and even practitioner certification programs.

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