Practitioners: Calling all consultants, coaches, HR professionals, counselors and anyone who works in the field of helping people in all walks of life to thrive and succeed.  FactorFactory will provide access to the latest tools and expertise for people assessment in employee selection and hiring, evaluation, coaching, development and counseling.  Modern professional assessments supported by a community of experts, including the latest research and tools, models, regularly updated norms and professional standardization.  If you need an assessment, we can help you find or create a solution.   

FactorFactory is a continually evolving technology system providing assessments and communities of interest to support them.  Our patent pending technology makes it easy for scientists focus on high quality models and we help them create modern instruments that are easily maintained over time.  We encourage thriving communities of interest around people assessment and access to the people who create the tools.

  • Assessment tools currently available include personality (e.g. DISC, BIG5/OCEAN), Leadership, Communication, Motivation and more
  • Custom assessments can be built by our experts to suit specific needs
  • Modern assessment tools based on cutting edge research with reports that can be customized to fit your specific application
  • Revenue sharing for practitioners who train clients to use the assessments (train the trainer)
  • Support, training and even certification programs provided online for easy access when you need it.

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